HURRY!!! Registration for Black Youth Hockey Initiative Program is now open!!! Visit the Hockey NS website to register! There are limited spots and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis! hockey1


Create  an e-mail newsletter to highlight  information on the history and purpose of the Coloured Hockey League (CHL) and the Black ice Society (BIS).

• To  prepare a professional public relations program to include  pamphlets/brochures/flyers  to assist in telling the story of the CHL and BIS.

• BIS  will host a Black Ice Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame informational and  educational conference, featuring a professional hockey or sport personality as guest  speaker.

• Annually, a commemorative CHL game, with local hockey players/coaches, is held to celebrate African Heritage Month.

• In  partnership with Hockey Nova Scotia, BIS offers  a Black Youth  Hockey Initiative program for boys and  girls, ages 5-8 years, at the new BMO Four Pad Arena in Bedford Nova Scotia.

• To  enlist sponsors and apply for grant assistance through government and  businesses to support new programs.


Through the re-enactment of commemorative  CHL games, and the sharing of personal histories of today’s black hockey players, we will provide role  models for black and disadvantaged youth.

Families of African Descent will learn to support their children  through minor hockey enrollment, financial commitments, fair play, team  concepts, travel and bureaucracy. Families in need will learn to access funding sources for  their children. Students of color will reclaim their ancestral  history and take pride in these past achievements. A projected Hall of Fame will have a  permanent display of black athletic accomplishments. We will all benefit when  hockey and all sports become inclusive and open to all people.

In 2010, People of colour began to take an interest in  the NHL playoffs, when P.K. Subban, Montreal, and Dustin Byfuglien, Chicago, black hockey  players, began to play major roles. The general public will benefit in learning of the lost  history of the colored hockey league of the Maritimes